About us

From delivery vans to moving trucks, from a small car to a 9-seater bus. As a relatively small company, we can be flexible and have direct lines of communication. We know our customers personally, so you won't be seen as just a number.

Munsterhuis Group

We are part of the Munsterhuis Group. This allows us to offer a variety of services. Besides rental and lease cars, Munsterhuis also offers insurance, we have a webshop for car parts and our own body repair shop. You can also come to us to buy your dream car or occasion or to have it serviced. Munsterhuis Groep sells cars of the following brands: Renault, Dacia, Jaguar, Land Rover, Alpine & Ferrari.

Munsterhuis Hengelo office

Renting a car fast and easily

At Munsterhuis (Short)lease you can easily rent or lease a car or bus. We are located in Enschede and are part of the Munsterhuis Group. As a result, we also have other branches in Twente.

BMW - car rental

Getting acquainted?

At Munsterhuis (Short) Lease we are always ready to help you. Would you like more information about the available cars? Would you like to make use of our services, such as our pick-up and delivery service? Have a breakdown on the road? Feel free to contact us.